How it works

Contact me by phone for a personalized menu

Private Events?

A special dinner celebration at home, while you sit back and relax with your guests? A party with friends or a family dinner? La Chica Food can bring delicious food at your table, please check with us for all our options.

La Chica food provides for you, in your home comfort! All private cook service, for up to 50 persons.

Or you can order any item from mymenu, 24hrs before your dinner, party, drinks… Just let me know how can I complement your meeting.

Are you up for something special? Let’s have a chat, and together we can create your personalized menu

“La Chica Food delivers food at your event.“

Corporate events?

Yes, I do, and La Chica Food wants to bring to your employees, an experience to try a new way to enjoy their lunch.

For this I have created my healthy bites menu, and I use products I love and will bring to your daily diet; energy, wellbeing and satisfaction.

The order has been placed. What happens then?

This starts in the choice of the ingredients. In my kitchen I use organic grains, flour, olives and vegetables, the meat comes from local farmers, and the way of production is 100% artisanal. Your food is created from scratch. And this goes for how they are mixed and finished in perfect combinations of ingredients, and this balance of pastry, seasoning and yummy filling, is the combination of all love and dedication put into the preparation of your food. And for on the side of our empanadas, I suggest one of our salads or soup.

If you are on the lactose or gluten intolerant team, don’t worry. I also have a vegan and gluten free line of bites and cakes.

My company is enabled with the HHACP certificate for allergens and hygiene code.